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Visitor programs, seminars and events in the Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur 1746!

For the interested public the Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur 1746 offers various visitor programs.
In addition, we organize exclusive seminars and offer the premises of our manufactory as an extraordinary and atmospheric location for events.

Guided Tours

You will be led by expert tour guides through the production rooms of the Höchster Porzellan- Manufaktur 1746. From the production of the porcelain mass and the modeling of artistic figures to the elaborate hand painting you see and experience the entire crafting process of the second oldest porcelain manufactory in Germany. In addition, we organize exclusive seminars and workshops.
Guided tours of the manufactory can be booked in English and German.

Public Tours

Appointment: Tuesday 15:00 pm, only for individuals 

Prices: admission varies Children up to 10 years free, young people up to 16 years € 5, -, students, adults and pensioners € 10, -) 

Guided tours for individual appointments are possible Participants: 10 – max. 30 people 

Length: 1 hour
Price: € 60,00 base fee per group, plus entrance fee per person (see above)
The guided tours can be booked for Mo.-Fr. from 9:30am -4:00pm



In our manufactory, you can learn about the principles of porcelain painting while implementing them yourself and continuing to develop your existing skills. Our painters will be happy to provide you with professional assistance.
Manufactory store: Following your visit, our attractive manufacturer store with friendly professional service is available for shopping.Guided tours of the manufactory can be booked in English and German.


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